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Still, they are usually stubborn enough to overcome this small obstacle. Since they share sexual fantasies and ideas about intimacy, with enough openness and communication they should be able to overcome any obstacle they stumble upon. This could make them both wait forever. The problem with their trust issues is not in trust itself, but more in their inability to change. If either one of them has a history of unhealthy relationships in which they were disappointed and let down, it will be very difficult for them to restore trust with their current partner.

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They can both understand the importance of honesty, but are often too afraid to open up and let someone sink into their true emotional world. Although these partners share so many interests and have a similar way of functioning, when they stick to their convictions they rarely decide to let them go even for a second.

After all, they both have horns and a tendency to cross them as soon as one of them jumps out of the regular flow of things. It is not easy for Taurus to accept change, so when one of them is at the doorstep of a big shift, they could easily end up in a fight. It will be very hard to explain to them how much pressure the person making a change must have felt in the first place to understand that change is needed. They can be stubborn and closed up for any sort of emotional contact, especially when they get angry or someone hurts them.

This is the main reason their communication is not that good at times, for they both have trouble opening up and living in the moment, without the fear of being hurt. The problem here is not the fear itself, other signs can feel it too, but the lack of awareness that this fear even exists. The sign of Taurus is an Earth sign in which the Moon, the ruler all of our emotions, is exalted.

The sign itself is ruled by Venus, informing us of its balance and a contribution to the material manifestation of all emotions coming from the Moon. This is a never ending circle, as a system of Earth being circled by the Moon, again and again, month after month.

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  • There is a fixed, unchangeable nature to this motion and this is something the sign of Taurus lives with and senses every day. When two Taurus partners come together and in case none of them has their heart closed up, there is a deep emotional understanding they can share. This can be very rewarding for both of them, for they can both feel the needs of their partner and be able to take care of each other, while enjoying the fact that this time they are also taken care of.

    It is a funny thing to talk about the system of values when we speak of Taurus. This is a sign that represents all value and withholds in itself the price of everything in this world.

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    Be it the financial value of any object in their surroundings or the value of being loved, the awareness of it is something they consider imperative for their partner to have. Two Taurus in a relationship value values together and a conflict can arise only if they assign different values to different things. Still, in most cases, they will give enough space to one another to set an individual list of priorities and find a compromise if some things are more valuable to one of them, than to the other.

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